Stories for Three-year-olds

WRITTEN BY: Nigel Pilkington

NARRATED BY: Roy Mcmillan , Nigel Pilkington , Sophie Aldred


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Imagine you're on a road trip with your loved ones, eager to embark on a delightful adventure that will transport you into the vivid realm of animal tales. As the miles pass by and the wind dances through your hair, you press play on this enchanting audiobook. The captivating voice of Roy Mcmillan, Nigel Pilkington, and Sophie Aldred fill your ears, ready to breathe life into eight whimsical animal stories.

First, you delve into the curious world of Christine's cornflakes. Who would have thought that a simple breakfast routine could hold such unexpected surprises? Brace yourself for a tale that will tickle your imagination and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary.

Next, you find yourself immersed in the gripping tale of The dirty dinosaur. Prepare to journey alongside a brave protagonist, facing a messy predicament. Will they conquer their dirt-laden challenges and restore their dino dignity?

As the story unravels, you eagerly join the characters as they dive headfirst into The race. Anticipation hangs in the air as contestants push their limits, racing against time to achieve greatness. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating atmosphere and let the adrenaline surge through your veins as you wonder who will emerge victorious.

Curiosity piqued, you eagerly listen to the next story, Where's Teddy? Embark on a thrilling quest to uncover the mystery behind a missing stuffed toy. Join the determined protagonists as they navigate the treacherous maze of puzzling clues, unknown destinations, and strange encounters, all in the hopes of reuniting with their precious Teddy.

The laughter continues to echo as you encounter the hilariously relatable scenario in Stop it! Prepare for riotous antics and unexpected twists as characters find themselves tangled in a web of miscommunication and comical chaos. Be warned: this tale might leave you chuckling uncontrollably.

Seeking a heartwarming tale that explores the beauty of friendship and the power of inclusion? Turn your attention to No room for Panda. Discover how one adorable creature navigates a world seemingly devoid of acceptance. Prepare to be touched by the resilience of Panda as they strive to find their place amidst a sea of skepticism.

Feeling a pang of empathy followed by a twinge of sympathy, you dive into Nigel's toothache. Follow Nigel on a tender journey, as he confronts the dreaded duo of pain and uncertainty. Will Nigel find the courage to face his fears and emerge triumphant? Prepare to be moved as his tale unravels.

Lastly, you find yourself engrossed in the enchanting world of Indoor sports. Brace yourself for unexpected escapades, unconventional competitions, and lively characters. Will they emerge victorious or succumb to the hurdles that await? Only time will tell.

With a rating of 2.3/5, this audiobook promises to be an engaging companion, encapsulating moments of laughter, wonder, and heartwarming joy. Standing at a length of 0 hours and 33 minutes, it grants you the perfect opportunity to embark on this extraordinary journey during a tranquil evening or a leisurely drive.

So, find a cozy spot, settle in, and let the voices of Roy Mcmillan, Nigel Pilkington, and Sophie Aldred transport you to the world of captivating animal tales.

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