Retail Gangster: The Insane, Real-Life Story of Crazy Eddie

WRITTEN BY: Gary Weiss

NARRATED BY: Richard Ferrone


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11 hours 59 minutes
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Picture this: it's the fall of 2016 and we get hit with the news of Eddie Antar's passing. Now, you might be wondering who this Eddie Antar guy is. Well, hold on tight, because his story is a wild ride filled with twists and turns, and it all starts with a little thing called Crazy Eddie.

You see, Eddie Antar was the mastermind behind a chain of electronic stores that shook the world. And oh boy, did he leave his mark. You may not remember his name, but I guarantee you've heard his iconic tagline, "Crazy Eddie! His prices are insaaaaane!" It's a phrase that takes you right back to a specific era in New York, evoking memories of a time when consumer electronics were on the rise and cash was king.

But here's the kicker: behind the glitz and glamour of his successful business empire, there lurked a dark secret. Eddie Antar wasn't just a savvy businessman, he was also a fraudster of epic proportions. Move over Enron, Madoff, and the Wolf of Wall Street, because Eddie Antar was playing a whole different game of corruption.

What makes Eddie's story even more fascinating is the way he pulled it off. This was no white-collar crime, my friends. This was a street franchise, a local establishment that seeped into the veins of everyday life in the 1970s and early '80s. Eddie had a certain style, a blue-collar chutzpah that was both audacious and shocking.

Sure, when the truth finally came out and the extent of the fraud was revealed, Eddie Antar was dubbed the "Darth Vader of capitalism" by U.S. Attorney Michael Chertoff. But here's where things get interesting: despite the massive deception, there were still people who worked for Eddie that fondly reminisced about him. I mean, can you believe that? They even have web pages dedicated to their time as ex-Crazy Eddie employees. Talk about loyalty.

Now, it's been many years since Crazy Eddie's empire came crashing down in the most spectacular fashion. But let me tell you, the legend of Crazy Eddie lives on. Just take a quick Google search and you'll see the media frenzy that followed Eddie Antar's death. It's like a throwback to the 1970s New York that we all know and love.

But this isn't just a story of nostalgia and iconic brand recognition. No, my friends, this is a story of unbelievable business scamming that spans continents and generations. It's a story that proves once again that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

In "Retail Gangster," investigative journalist Gary Weiss takes us on a thrilling journey behind the scenes of one of the wildest business scams in history. This ain't your typical white-collar crime tale. It's a rollercoaster ride that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the world of business.

So, strap in and get ready to listen to a story that will make your jaw drop. This is the tale of Crazy Eddie, the rise and fall of a man who changed the world while simultaneously pulling off one of the greatest scams of all time. Trust me, you won't want to miss this.

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