The Light Pirate

WRITTEN BY: Lily Brooks-Dalton

NARRATED BY: Rosemary Benson


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11 hours 19 minutes
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Listen up, ladies and gents! I've got a tale to spin that'll grab your eardrums and keep 'em hooked till the very end. This audiobook, penned by the one and only Lily Brooks-Dalton and voiced by the talented Rosemary Benson, is a rollercoaster ride of hope, survival, and resilience that'll leave you breathless.

Imagine this, folks: Florida, once a sunny paradise, is slipping away before our very eyes. Devastating weather patterns and rising sea levels are wreaking havoc on its infrastructure, and a mighty hurricane is barreling down on a small town perched on the southeastern coast. We're talkin' Kirby Lowe, an electrical line worker, his preggo wife, Frida, and their two rascally sons, Flip and Lucas, battening down the hatches in preparation for untold chaos.

But hold on to your hats, 'cause this ain't your typical hurricane story. Just as the storm is about to strike, Kirby's boys go missing. Now, fueled by a father's love and a hefty dose of bravery, Kirby ventures into the howling winds to find his beloved children. Meanwhile, poor Frida is left all alone and goes into premature labor – talk about bad timing! She gives birth to a little bundle of joy named Wanda, a child as extraordinary as the storm that brought her into this mad world.

As Florida crumbles and falls apart, Wanda grows up and faces a world like no other. She adapts to the ever-changing landscape, but more importantly, she adapts to the resilient souls who chose to stay behind in this forsaken place. Amidst the chaos and destruction, Wanda experiences loss, gains a newfound community, and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, seeking adventure, love, and purpose in a world reshaped by nature.

Now, let me break it down for you. This epic tale is split into four parts – power, water, light, and time – each mirroring the elements that define our existence and mirroring the slow, painful erosion of the world we hold dear. It's a meditation, my friends, on the changes we'd rather turn a blind eye to, the future that sends shivers down our spines, and a reminder of the raw beauty and unforgiving violence of a wild wilderness that refuses to be tamed.

So grab your headphones, settle in for the ride of a lifetime, and prepare to be swept away by the hauntingly beautiful words of Lily Brooks-Dalton and the mesmerizing voice of Rosemary Benson. But fair warning, folks – this one's rated 2.4 out of 5 stars, so buckle up and brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions that'll leave you longing for more. This audiobook spans a whopping 11 hours and 19 minutes, so make sure to clear your schedule 'cause you won't be able to hit pause once you've taken that earphone plunge.

Now go forth, my fellow listeners, and immerse yourselves in the mesmerizing world of The Light Pirate. It's a journey you won't soon forget.

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Audiobooks have created a new frontier in storytelling, bridging the gap between reading and listening. They offer the flexibility of enjoying a novel during a commute, a workout, or while relaxing at home. The Light Pirate by Lily Brooks-Dalton, narrated by Lily Brooks-Dalton, is one such riveting audiobook that’s caught the attention of listeners worldwide. But how can you enjoy this interstellar adventure without bending the rules?

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