What Lies beyond the Veil

WRITTEN BY: Harper L. Woods



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Once upon a time, we were mere mortals, existing beneath the shadows of the divine Fae beings. Like humble peasants, we worshipped these god-like creatures, basking in their ethereal glow. Our world was shielded by the protective Veil for countless centuries, shielding us from the enchanting yet dangerous realm of Alfheimr, where the Fae resided. Under the watchful eyes of these magical beings, our lives transformed from lives of debauchery and vice to lives of resilience and righteousness, guided by the new deities that rose to power.

For as long as I can remember, I have labored dutifully amidst the lush gardens that bordered the Veil, drawn to the allure of its shimmering magic like a moth to a scorching flame. It was my calling, my purpose to tend to this sacred land that separated our world from the mystical realm of the Fae.

But fate had other plans for us, and they were far from divine.

In one swift and brutal moment, our lives were upturned, as the Veil shattered before our very eyes. Once again, the Fae emerged from the depths of Alfheimr, free to roam our world at will. Their enchanting magic marked those they deemed worthy of capture, a chilling reminder of their power. However, the Mist Guard, steadfast protectors of Nothrek, would rather annihilate us all than let the Fae claim their prizes. Faced with no other choice, I made the decision to abandon everything I have ever known, to forsake the comforts of familiarity, all in the name of survival. For if I wanted to see the day of my twenty-first birthday as a free woman, escape was my only option.

It is in this chaos, this race against time, that Caelum appeared, sweeping me away from the clutches of the Wild Hunt, a malevolent force sent by the Fae to hunt down those marked by their magic. Caelum, a fugitive himself, possessed abilities beyond my wildest dreams, enabling him to combat our pursuers with a ferocity I could only imagine. As our lives became intertwined, our fleeting alliance evolved into an all-encompassing passion, a fire that burnt brighter with each passing moment. But amidst the impending danger and the lurking presence of evil, indulging in this forbidden connection seemed reckless. Caelum should be the last thing on my mind, an unwelcome distraction in a life hanging by a thread.

Yet, try as I might, I cannot resist the magnetic pull that draws me to him, even when the stakes could not be higher.

In this treacherous journey where survival is paramount, where danger lurks at every corner, I find solace in the comforting embrace of forbidden desire. My heart, torn between self-preservation and inexplicable longing, yearns for answers. Is Caelum the key to my salvation or the catalyst for immense destruction?

As the fae close in on us, threatening to extinguish the very essence of our existence, the battle waged within my heart rages on.

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