The Innkeeper’s Daughter

WRITTEN BY: Bianca M. Schwarz

NARRATED BY: Qarie Marshall


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11 hours 47 minutes
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In the soft glow of a twilight November evening, the paths of fortune collide for Sir Henry, a man whose wealth is only surpassed by his charm. It is in this fateful moment that he stumbles upon Eliza, a woman battered and bruised, desperately seeking an escape from the clutches of her cruel stepfather. Without hesitation, Sir Henry takes her under his wing, transporting her from her wretched conditions to the opulence of his Mayfair abode.

As Eliza gradually recuperates, a wondrous new world unfolds before her very eyes. Introduced to an array of art and literature, she is thrust into a realm she had never dared to dream of. Yet, darkness knows no boundaries, for the torments of her past persistently shadow her, even in the grand city of London. Here, the genteel salons of the aristocratic elite coexist alongside the treacherous back alleys of the criminal underworld.

Fortunately, Sir Henry is much more than a man of means and eloquence. He is a clandestine operative, tirelessly serving the crown in matters of utmost importance. No obstacle is too daunting for him, as he confronts Eliza's diabolical stepfather and the insidious pimp hell-bent on enslaving her. Amidst their blossoming romance, a forgotten secret surfaces, leading them both down a harrowing path. They discover a seedy underbelly, a realm drenched in sadistic desires and the horrifying truth of sex trafficking. Furthermore, this revelation grants Sir Henry the opportunity to unveil the identity of the traitor responsible for leaking vital military information to the French, an act of betrayal that has cost the lives of innumerable innocents.

Eliza, a natural in the treacherous world of espionage, proves her mettle time and again, emerging as an indomitable force. She stands shoulder to shoulder with Sir Henry, their united mission to unearth the truth and uphold justice. Yet, time is of the essence, for the fate of one girl dangles precariously in the balance. They must outmaneuver a wretched pimp and eliminate a perilous enemy agent, sparing no effort to secure victory.

In this riveting audiobook, expertly narrated by the esteemed Qarie Marshall, listeners will be swept away on a rollercoaster journey through the depths of treachery and the heights of resilience. As the clock ticks, the stakes soar, and the fate of countless lives hang in the balance. This tale of determination, sacrifice, and love will leave audiences breathless and clamoring for more.

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